Compact Ice Maker IM-130-NE

  • Produces
    120kg Ice
    per 24 HR
  • Insulated
    Bin Stores
    Up to 50kg
    OF ICE
  • Tough and
  • Fully
    Panels, door
    and bin
  • Minimal
    Water usage
  • Full


HEIGHT: 1200mm

We recommend leaving at least 10mm clearance for fitting tolerance. If optional legs are fitted, leave an additional 100mm of head room.

WIDTH: 704mm

It is important not to block the air intake vents on the right side of the machine. Do not install next to walls, or solid appliances. Minimum 100mm clearance required - more is preferable.

DEPTH: 506mm

We recommend that clearance is allowed at the rear for necessary pipework and electrical connections.

Fitting Tips

Always allow extra space for fitting tolerance.

Always consider space for the running of, and connection to services.

Always ensure that all air vents and intakes are not blocked or impeded.

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Reliability and consistency you can count on

Ice is, of course, a fundamental requisite for every foodservice operation so whether you’re using it in drinks, to cool bottles or to display food, it makes sense to invest in the best possible icemaker you can. Hoshizaki is considered by many to be the world’s leading manufacturer of ice machines – and we agree. What’s more, these machines are built to last so, providing they’re properly maintained, they will provide you with a constant supply of superb ice for many years.

A perfect process

Hoshizaki machines produce impeccable ice time after time because of the unique way it’s made. Rather than running water over a cooled plate as is typical with most ice makers, Hoshizaki machines spray water upwards into a cooled mould to form the cubes. This process helps prevents the formation of the tiny air pockets that can encourage rapid melting, instead producing the solid, dense, long-lasting cubes with which the brand is associated.

Keeping it clean. Clean is cool

Although not always recognised as such, ice is actually a food, and the ice maker that makes it is a food production machine which means that, as well as functionality, hygiene is crucially important.

The key features relating to hygiene on Hoshizaki machines include: removable door gaskets that prevent any heat and contamination from entering the bin, a closed water circuit that offers the ultimate contamination protection by reducing the number of points at which impurities can enter the ice making process, and an easily cleanable air filter that allows users to carry out a routine cleaning schedule themselves, extending the life expectancy the ice maker and cutting the frequency and cost of maintenance call-outs.

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