Commercial Ice Makers

A dependable and consistent supply of ice is a priority for virtually all our customers, and we are committed to supplying the best, and most reliable commercial ice makers available. That is why we’ve chosen to partner with Hoshizaki. From the wide variety of size and capacity options we offer, we can help you identify the best possible machine for your operation. And, of course, we also provide professional installation and ongoing service support.

What type of machine are you looking for?

Select below from machines with internal or external storage and flaking machines...

Modular Cube Ice Machines

For busy venues that require a large quantity of high-quality cube ice, a modular or stackable machine will maximise ice yield. The various configurations possible using Hoshizaki’s modular bins and bases allow users to mix and match components to meet just about any demand and achieve the ultimate, bespoke system. Even when floorspace is limited, a large output can be achieved.

Integral Flake Ice Machine

Hoshizaki’s slow melting flake ice is perfect for cocktails, food display and rapid chilling because it packs very tightly, eliminating any air pockets. The nature of the ice means that ‘freeze burn’ is not an issue when displaying fresh produce and, because the ice is compressed during production, it is very long-lasting.

Getting the right ice

Hoshizaki ice makers have a reputation for producing hard, crystal clear, slow melting ice cubes time after time. Because every cube of ice is made individually, with each cell having its own dedicated jet spray, the highest possible ice quality is always guaranteed. Not surprisingly, Hoshizaki’s ongoing reputation for reliability and consistency has made the brand a favourite amongst the UK’s leading bartenders.

These icemakers are designed with hygiene as a priority so, after every new batch of ice, the water reservoir will automatically drain, rinse and then refill with fresh water. Also, the machines’ insulated, precision made doors, complete with gaskets, create a safe, closed environment that minimises meltage thus decreasing the required number of ice production cycles. Outstanding levels of efficiency will be achieved in ambient temperatures of between 40°C and 1°C – even in humid environments.

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